Welsh Seafood

The Marine and Fisheries Department of the Welsh Government commissioned JM Creative to make a short film that would demonstrate the unique nature of the Welsh seafood industry with a heavy focus on the quality and sustainability of Welsh products. The aim of the film was also to make the most of Wales’ outstanding natural beauty and reinforce the part the seafood industry plays in coastal communities.

We filmed at several businesses, institutions and locations across the whole of Wales to produce this promotional film which will hopefully help Welsh seafood companies safeguard existing business and secure fresh business both home and abroad and the wake of Brexit. The film was recently showcased at the Brussels Seafood Expo and is planned to be screened at domestic and foreign trade shows and on the Welsh Government YouTube channel.

As the film would often be played at exhibition stands with the sound turned off, we decided to communicate all the main messages that needed to be conveyed using graphics rather than voice bites or voice over. The film was required in English, Welsh, French, Spanish, Dutch and Mandarin and each graphic script was translated into these languages. Rather than having a translated voice over or subtitles, we were able to create bespoke versions for each target audience.

Nigel Davies of Marine and Fisheries:

“I look forward to showing off our wonderful new film at the Brussels Expo. You guys have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I will be sure to recommend you to others in Welsh Government”