• In today’s world, we are called upon more and more to give both internal and external presentations aimed at communicating a series of key messages and information. Whether you are going to a job interview, seeking funding for your organisation, reporting back to your board of management or speaking to 500 people at a conference, your presentation style can play a significant part in the success of your communication.

    For the last decade JM Creative has offered individual Presentation Training in Cardiff which provides comprehensive advice and help to ensure the presentations you give are authoritative, engaging and effective. We’ve worked with Government, Universities, Blue Chip Corporations and SME’s and we’re proud of the fact that our training can really make a difference. We’ve outlined below a summary of the two session course we offer.

    Session One

    This three hour ‘one to one’ session looks to identify the key areas of presentation unique to each individual. We will focus on the areas in which people thrive and examine the elements which prove more difficult. A range of subject matter will be dealt with in this session including pace, variety, how to deal with nerves and even what to wear. We will also examine what tools can be used alongside a presentation – most commonly Powerpoint.

    At the end of the session key targets would be set, with specific pointers as to areas to work on.

    Session Two

    This three hour, ‘one to one’ session would ideally take place approximately two weeks following session one. The focus will be on ‘hands on’ practical work as we look to hone the skills needed to produce outstanding presentations. Much of this work will be filmed to aid the individual’s understanding of how they come across. This session is bespoke as we believe no two people are the same in terms of presentation skills. We will ensure that we replicate specific presentations so that the training remains relevant at all times. At the conclusion of the session an assessment of the training will be carried out reviewing all the areas covered.


    Please contact or telephone 07990 558777 for further information, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

  • In an age of increasing competition and media attention, your on air image has never been more important.

    Whenever any member of staff makes a live presentation or is interviewed on radio or television, a statement is made about your organisation.

    This masterclass ensures your message is delivered in a professional and effective style. Taking you from your every day working environment, it focuses on the techniques required to master the media and all forms of presentation.

    The course leaders have considerable experience of broadcasting at a very high level, in presentation, production and journalism.

    The best of modern technology is available and instruction can be provided in English and Welsh.

    The course takes place at JM Creative’s premises in Cardiff. Each individual masterclass takes in two four hour sessions which ideally take place within a fortnight of each other.

    The Two Session Masterclass Includes:

    • Introduction
    • Self Assessment (an initial assessment of the course attendee’s strengths and weaknesses in the context of the media.
    • The jargon (an explanation of terms used and what they really mean)
    • The Media (Who are they and how they differ)
    • The Press Conference
    • Preparing for the interview
    • The Radio Interview (The first practical work featuring face to face and telephone interviews).
    • Review of radio practical work including key do’s and don’ts
    • Internal presentations
    • Preparing for the television interview
    • Practical work including location / in office interviews
    • Review of television work
    • Overall appraisal of course with key objectives given to individual

    The Tutors

    John Morgan and Frank Lincoln have built up vast experience in media training in Wales. They have trained over 200 reporters, presenters and journalists for the BBC. They have also held media masterclasses for politicians and people from the world of business. John and Frank are BBC trained and have both held management positions in television and radio presentation.


    Please contact or telephone 02920 397579 for further information, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

  • ‘Think Differently’ is a creative master class for promo makers run by John Morgan and Tony Lakin.

    Tony and John have headed promo teams at Sky Television and the BBC and built up a reputation for creating outstanding innovative and lateral work. They have both sat on the senior committees of Promax UK and have won numerous gold awards at conferences in the United States, Europe and London.

    The principal aim of the course is to prove to producers that there is more than one way to sell a programme. The course is a mixture of both group sessions and one to one tuition. After two intensive days they will return to work revitalised and thinking differently.

    We would like to base ourselves in a meeting room within your premises. Also, as part of the course requires some practical promo making, it would be beneficial if an edit facility was available on the first afternoon and morning of the second day.

    Before embarking on any course we would ask you to send us examples of each attendee’s work, to enable us to gain an insight into the way they currently make promos. 

    All courses are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements and so should there be any area which we have not covered that is appropriate to you, please don’t hesitate to raise this with us.

    Course Outline

    • Think Differently will give promo makers a practical guide to the entire process of promo production. There will be a chance to see plenty of spots from around the world, advice on how to improve your own spots, and practical help on what to do and how to do it.
    • The course will demonstrate ways of unlocking thinking potential; adding quality and quantity to ideas; how to get ideas in the first place; how to focus them on the real problems; and how to put them into practice.
    • Understand what makes your audience tick. What makes an audience watch?  Which viewers will watch what you want them to?  Why do others switch off?
    • We help the class to explore their own potential as writers, and we teach how to write simply, directly and with purpose. We’ll show how the advertising industry uses concepts and copy to attract and sell to the consumer.
    • Discover some of the secrets in how to ATTRACT, HOLD and INFORM your audience through the use of audio, as well as the importance of those first five crucial seconds. There’ll be guidance on how to choose, and get the best from your voice-over artist, choice of music, use of FX and audio tricks from a wide range of examples

    Timetable – Day One

    Introduction – who are we? What we are going to cover on the course. Filling in self assessment forms highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

    Understanding the Audience – who are you talking to?  What demographic are you targeting? What are their principal interests and leisure pursuits etc etc?

    Creating the Concept – where do ideas come from? How things will improve by changing habits and environments. We show lots and lots of examples of thinking differently.

    The Brief – understanding the brief. Meeting the brief. Defying the brief!

    Pitching your idea – you’ve got a great idea but you’re not good at selling it to your boss. We’ll give you a few tips on how to reduce your nerves and improve your presentation technique.

    Copy writing – examples of effective and award winning scripts. Tips on how to write better and more succinct copy. 

    Branding – is your promo promoting the brand values of the channel? We look at work that perfectly reflects the brand.

    The 10/30/60 seconder and compilations –how to ensure that the cut down versions are just as effective as the ‘feature length’ promo. 

    The Campaign – examples of successful on air and cross media campaigns. How your promo fits in to the campaign as a whole.

    Timetable – Day Two 

    Lateral Thinking – thinking laterally is about moving sideways when working on a problem – trying different perceptions, different concepts and different points of entry.

    Promos only using Programme Material – the art of making full use of what you are given. If millions of pounds are spent on a film or drama why shoot something yourself to promote that product!

    Promos not using Programme Material –lots of examples of outstanding pieces of work from around the world that didn’t use programme material to promote the programme.

    The Genre Promo – the promo fest continues with examples of great creativity in the fields of sport, movies, factual, light ents and drama.

    Producing voice over – how to direct a voice over artist. Direct the artist, don’t let them direct you! Don’t leave the session until you are happy!

    Use of Audio – interesting ways of using sound design and music on promos. Making people listen to your promos.

    Graphics within promos –examples of great graphics and animation. Don’t expect great graphics to paper over a lack of ideas. Live action or animation – make the right choice.

    Great Promo, No Budget – how to produce ‘something for nothing’. All broadcasters are working with tighter budgets. Examples of great work done on a shoestring. 

    Make ’em Laugh – exactly that…the use of humour in promos. How it can work effectively and how it can fail miserably!

    Show and Tell – the results of the exercise asking all the course participants to create a promo based on a brief given to them by us on day one. A democratic vote is taken for best promo!


    Please contact or telephone 02920 397579 for further information, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

John Morgan – Head of Training